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Thank you for visiting my page. By way of introduction, my name is Dion Ross and I am an International Product & Project Implementations & Logistics Strategist – Events & Property Management, and Logistics Professional.

My work focuses on project management, event planning, product coordination, property management, logistics and corporate liaising, just to name a few of my areas of specialty. I have 17 years of management experience working around the globe with corporations of various sizes. What sets my work apart from my competitors is my determination, creativity, and trustworthiness.

Over the years, I have gained the professional experience to make me an asset to any company. I maintain a high level of discretion and confidentiality in all things relating to your project, especially where new ideas and methodologies are concerned. Additionally, my international management experience has sharpened my ability to navigate cross culturally.

By reading a brief summary of the skills and tactics I can bring to your next project you're taking an important step to attaining your goals. I am happy to offer my assistance.

*  Flexible compensation paths: fulltime on W2, or 1099 contractor, or direct billing or through a staffing agency.

International Management Experience


17 years of management experience in various roles: Event Management / Property Management / Project Management / Product Design & Production / Public & Customer Relations / Resource Management 

The past several years have been an exciting time of change and advancement. As I transition from client to client, I pass on a valuable piece of my professional legacy and in turn I am rewarded with enriching experiences and a plethora of knowledge that I am obliged to share. Business to business customer service is an exquisite form of art, and as its humble and grateful servant, it is a craft that I master and yet truly respect. A few of my select skill sets are visible on my website: 


Throughout my management career, my active listening skills have become more distinct and aid me in my role as a corporate relationship liaison. My ability to adapt to change has made me a formidable change management ambassador for my clients. Organizations find added empowerment in my sense of diversity and the utilization thereof. Powered by my multi-ethnic background, international mindset, and bilingual abilities, my skill sets have converged with my open personality and have proven to be a quite insightful tool where resources, vendors and stakeholder relations are concerned. I pride myself on sharing these skills as a hands-on Project Implementation Executive. Driving results as a proven leader while tapping into the creative skills I have acquired from my career in media. I enjoyed repeated success coordinating IT and Business professionals with key stakeholders throughout Kaiser Permanente’s vast 18,700-employee network. 

The Gentleman and the Soldier


As a strategist I seek to connect the non-sequiters between the chief and the soldiers carrying out their bidding. In order to do this efficiently its important to know the mission and to form a connection to the team.

I am a regimented and respectful resource manager known for forming cohesive teams. My skill sets encompass leading small to medium, project-dedicated resource teams of 3 to 125 persons. My international experience afforded me the skills to coordinate offshore data task force teams in Asia, India, and the Philippines.

As an experienced world traveler, I have successfully managed the travel and event budgets of over $3.2 million. Getting my clients the most value for their money is one of my industry specialties.

Known for demonstrating detail-oriented coordination of multiple small and large-scale mega events while adhering to strict deadlines never losing focus on safety and emergency preparedness.

I Successfully managed corporate and project related business to business, and project team to stakeholder engagements, trade shows, conferences, and public relations events. I effectively orchestrated high attendee yielding events including group travel arrangements, group accommodations, team expense reporting, and group meal allocations on time and budget. I served as an innovative, creative contributor towards event design, preparation, flow, and execution. Systematically establishing procedures and methodologies to track event objectives for stakeholders and compliance groups. While working closely with marketing and brand loyalty departments, I created an event networking team to gather vital requirements/results during events. 

Moreover, I was responsible for managing all logistics and inventory of training and event assets program-wide. In addition to venue management, I negotiated vendor and venue contracts, and when essential I guided new vendors through the corporate preferred vendor process. In closing, I reconciled post-event budgets and interdepartmental cost center transfers and coordinated post-event surveys.  

About Dion Ross


The Event Horizon

Producing countless dynamic events and trade shows using exciting and creative venues has earned me the privilege of serving distinguished clients of Royal lineage, tech start-ups,  silicon valley giant Samsung, health care conglomerate Kaiser Permanente and others. I have orchestrated and hosted more than 30 corporate events with an excess of 2000 attendees per event per year. Many of which included national or international group travel.

My corporate event management skills are stellar, so much so that I have had to brand them under: “T6- Services”.

Conveniently, I possess various skill sets in logistics, production and supply chain implementation. 


Design, Form and Function

I hold multiple patents for my own designs and am a willing contributor to any organization’s mission statement. My hands-on knowledge in these areas provides a valuable insight for my clients that can be easily monetized and translated into any industry. Accredited for launching a series of successful innovative products, my talents are valued for being multifaceted.

My knowledge goes from conception to store-shelf and can be applied to a multitude of fields and industries: investor relations, vendors, offices, hospitals, pharmacy, warehouses, project coordination and construction management. 


Why Dion Ross?

I actually care about what I do and I invest myself in my clients mission. My clients value my trustworthiness and dedication to confidentiality, and as a California Notary, so does the secretary of state. I place my signature on it daily!

I consistently gain recognition for my resolve, cohesive teamwork, and the implementation of key strategic initiatives such as mobile user acceptance testing, my revolutionary "Training in a Box", and satellite command centers.

Although armed with a host of accomplishments in project implementation, supply chain optimization, logistics, event coordination, organization and resource management, and property management my greatest achievement is to have earned the respect of my associates, customers, vendors, and executive leadership teams. 

I welcome the opportunity to evolve and demonstrate my skills to you.